Château Martinet

Pradel de Lavaux Château Martinet

A fine eighteenth-century country house set amidst 6 hectares of gardens lined by grand old trees, and of course 17 hectares of vines, Château Martinet was long used as a hunting lodge before becoming a vineyard, and the source of one of Saint-Emilion’s most revered wines.

Rooted in a superb sand and gravel soil, the vines benefit from constant care and attention from the owners.

The fruit of rigorous, meticulous teamwork, Château Martinet produces wines of exceptional character.

The grapes are harvested entirely by hand and sorted manually. They are then transferred to small, temperature-controlled vats in order to preserve the individual characteristics of each plot of vines, allowing for plot-by-plot vinification. The wines are then matured for 16-18 months in oak barrels.

Regularly acclaimed at international wine fairs and contests, the wines of Château Martinet are blessed with a complex array of subtle aromas, accented with delicious red berry notes.

65% Merlot 35% Cabernet Franc

Tasting notes : Hints of undergrowth, vanilla and dark berries in the nose. Well-rounded on the palate, with elegant tannins paving the way for a smooth, long-lasting finish with not the slightest hint of harshness.

Food-wine pairings : small game birds, red meats, lamb, soft cheese.

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